August 24, 2019

5 Ways to Grow Your Career

Through my consulting and leadership coaching work, I hear from so many people that they feel stuck in their career, and like it’s going nowhere really fast. With the launch of my new e-book, “Network with Purpose: How to Grow Your Career and Find Your Calling,” I thought I would share a few quick tips to help jumpstart your career.

  1. Take Inventory. How long have you been feeling stuck? It’s important to understand when you started feeling dissatisfied or frustrated in your career. Then, compare that moment to a time when you felt like you career was going very well. What do you notice that’s different about the two situations? Identifying the gap in your career satisfaction is the first step to prioritizing your future actions.
  2. Know Your Reputation. In my e-book, I share the five ways to enhance your reputation, but before you can improve something, you need to know where you stand right now. The best way to do that is to ask for feedback. When coaching clients, I often find that people are stuck in their career because they are unaware of how others truly perceive their performance and potential. Soon, I’ll be hosting a series of free webinars about the 5 Ways to Enhance Your Reputation. To learn how to gain in-depth insight about how others truly see your professional contributions, sign-up here for updates about the upcoming webinar schedule.
  3. Up Your Game. With so many changes due to technology and increased competition, it’s important to be a continuous learner and stay on top of trends in your field. If you haven’t invested in your personal development in a while, it’s time to consider participating in a webinar or class to keep your skills sharp.
  4. Network with Purpose. Networking often gets a bad reputation, but if you approach it from a place of authenticity, you may find that it helps enhance your reputation, increase your knowledge of trends and lead you to new opportunities.
  5. Take Action. We all have seasons in our life when we feel hopeless and like things are out of control. When we prayerfully take ownership of our careers by creating a plan and taking small steps every day, week or month, we can truly accelerate our forward movement. By creating an action plan, giving ourselves a timeline in which we want to accomplish each step and find ways to celebrate our accomplishments, we may be surprised by what God has in-store for us, when we position ourselves where He wants us to be.

“I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.” John 9:4

I truly believe that we all have a purpose for being here. God wants to use us in His Kingdom work, but we also have “regular” work to do, and He knows we need to make a living. If you’ve been seeking the Lord about your career and what He wants you to do, I want to encourage you to keep pressing forward! As my free gift to you, I wrote “Network with Purpose,” to give you a little inspiration and hope that He will enable us to accomplish all that He has planned.

PS~ Be sure to Tweet or post about my e-book on FaceBook within the next 3 days and use #NetworkWithPurpose. I will be selecting 5 people to receive a free, 30-minute coaching session with me!

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