August 24, 2019

Awareness: The Antidote to Leadership Blind Spots

During a coaching session with Brian the other day, we worked together to come up with a plan and approach for an important meeting. By the end of the session, Brian walked away with a framework for how he would tackle this amazing career opportunity.

Cool. We had a productive coaching session…but then I got this email from Brian shortly after our session:

“While I was making lunch, [thoughts of] our conversation continued….you have continued to create awareness in me.” – Brian

The breakthrough ideas kept coming!

Brian’s creative juices continued to flow, and the additional awareness that came through our coaching conversation was empowering him to see opportunities through an even wider lens.

Boom. There it is!

One of the high-impact benefits of holistic leadership coaching.

Through professional coaching, we have the ability to discover and create solutions that lie dormant inside each of us. It’s often difficult to see the full spectrum of possibilities, opportunities and solutions. Sometimes, we just “can’t see the forest, for the trees.”
Coaching enables us to see the big picture and make decisions that are supported by accountability, practical tools and forward-focused action.

What goals are you or a leader in your organization itching to tackle in the New Year?
Let’s work together to discover all the possibilities.

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