August 24, 2019

Laptop, Smartphone, Spirituality. Don’t Leave Home Without It.

Lisa Yarbough

Technology has virtually become an extension of our natural being. If you leave the house and realize you left your phone, how far is too far to turn around to go back home and get it?  Even worst, is when you are miles away and realize you actually left your laptop. Or you have the laptop, but not the power cord. No? Oh, that’s just me? Okay. The point is, these devices are two items that we believe are necessary to function — that we  need to get through the day. We also bring to work a wealth of experience, years of education, and our own special skills and talents to contribute to the workplace. Many of us also have a spiritual side and regardless of your faith, or lack of faith, we are still spiritual beings. There are some practical and beneficial reasons to remember to bring your spirituality to work.

Here’s are four reasons to work on staying spiritually connected at work.

Solutions – Work is all about creating and solving problems. Sometimes we get stuck. We get creative blocks and we get hit with challenges that we aren’t sure how to handle. It can get stressful when you need to deliver something quickly and the answers are not coming as fast as you’d like. This is when it is time to stop, think, and breathe. Whatever it is that you do or you need to begin to do to center yourself, then it’s worth the time to do it – right there – at work. You can meditate or pray. You can simply ask out loud the question you need answered. With faith and a quiet mind, an answer will come.

Peace – Work can be quite chaotic. Many professionals work in miserably toxic environments. You don’t have to become a product of the environment. With a certain level of awareness and spiritual connectedness, you can protect your own sanity, and be a representation of calm, harmony, and love. Moreover, when you feel you are reaching your boiling point or maximum stress point, returning to your spiritual source, whatever that is for you, can bring you back to that place of calm, so you can think and communicate clearly.

Awareness – Staying tuned in to your spirituality at work helps you to see what you otherwise might miss. Being able to catch the undertones in the actions of the business and in what people say allows you to make insightful connections and better decisions. You’ll be prepared for whatever comes next (because you will see it coming) and be able to react appropriately.

Positive Mindset – Not everyone is gifted with the ability of feeling and behaving positive no regardless of circumstances. Some of us try. We start off with the right mindset and the right intentions and fall of during the day. This is especially easy to do when you repeatedly encounter conversations with negativity and complaints. “Joe always takes credit for my work. Our leadership is taking the wrong direction. They never want to provide the budget I need to get things done. Blah, blah, blah.” It’s also easy to participate in the conversation when what the other person is saying is true. But negativity breeds more negativity and hampers productivity. Determine what works for you to keep a positive mindset and to avoid the negativity as much as possible.

To what degree do you stay spiritually connected at work? Do you take your spirituality to work and refuel it during the day, or are you disconnected from it during work hours? I have suggested some ideas for being more intentional about your spiritual life so you can experience the benefits in your business life. However, there is no one formula. As always, do what works for you.

Lisa Yarbough is the founder of Epiphany Coaching, LLC and a certified executive coach focused on career development and management. Visit her website at for more information.

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