July 20, 2019


Hosted by Kelley Johnson, a Certified Leadership Coach and Founder of BeWellMySoul.com, Cubicles & Christ is a podcast that explores the many aspects of spiritual growth and authenticity for accomplished Christian professionals.

Guests of the show share insights, lessons learned, wisdom gained and victories won through their walk with the Lord, and how their relationship with Christ manifests in their careers, businesses, health and relationships.

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Cubicles & Christ Podcast

Are Christians in the Closet at Work?

June 5, 2018 0
In 1990, Stephen Covey sparked a leadership trend, challenging us to fixate and analyze habits that make ourselves and others highly effective. In the pursuit of career growth, bigger salaries and homes, many Christians bought [...]

5 Ways to Grow Your Career

May 2, 2017 0
Through my consulting and leadership coaching work, I hear from so many people that they feel stuck in their career, and like it’s going nowhere really fast. With the launch of my new e-book, “Network with [...]