July 20, 2019

The Best Ways to Get Big Health Benefits from the Daniel Fast

Daniel Fast Health Benefits

Take advantage of all the healthy, clean eating habits during the Daniel fast and amp-up the physical benefits your body will receive. Focusing on liver and gut health are some of the best ways to get the biggest health benefits from a period of fasting. A one-two punch, the liver and gut are foundational for overall health. Unfortunately, they also take a lot of abuse from environmental toxins and our not-so-great eating habits we may indulge in when we are not fasting.

To help you go deeper in your health and wellness journey, here are several ideas you can incorporate into your lifestyle during periods of fasting and beyond.

Liver Detox and Health Support

BioRay Liver LifeBioRay Liver Life is an easy-to-use tonic that you can add to tea, coffee, water or juice. I add to my coffee and tea so that I don’t taste it at all. I also add to my bottled water and can barely taste. Great support for a healthy liver, which is responsible for about 500 different functions in our bodies!

Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs – When it’s time to moisturize your tummy area, simply replace your normal lotion or body oil with castor oil and your liver and gut will thank you for this simple detox boost! Castor oil has been used for centuries and is anti-inflamatory and has many benefits, including the ability to strengthen your immune system (most of which is located in your gut), and when used as a castor oil pack, it can help detox your liver. Try to get a quality, organic castor oil for maximum benefits. Visit Deliciously Organic for detailed instructions on how to create and use castor oil packs – also a great method to treat uterine fibroids.

Essential Oils – I like to mix castor oil with essential oils before applying to my skin. The aromatherapy from the essential oils creates a soothing effect and the absorption of different essential oil blends into your skin can support the detoxing benefits. Two essential oil blends you may want to try – especially for rubbing on your belly with castor oil are Eden’s Garden DigestEase and to help ease you into restful sleep, Eden’s Garden Good Night .

Gut Health Support

Apple Cider Vinegar – Good ol’ faithful Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV for short. So many good-for-you benefits and super economical. Believe it or not, I struggle the most with incorporating ACV into my wellness routine. ACV is great for gut health as it stimulates a healthy production of stomach acids. Often, we experience chronic health issues because our digestive system is not working smoothly if you know what I mean…healthy stomach acid ensures our bodies are able to get all of the nutrients from the food and supplements we are ingesting.

Bitters –  I recently discovered bitters as an alternative or supplement to using ACV. What I like about bitters is their convenience. You can stash the small bottle in your purse and use when you’re on the go! Just spray the bitters 4 times on your tongue about 10 minutes before you eat. This will get your stomach acids prepared to digest what you are about to eat!

Keep me posted with your results from taking these small steps to get big health benefits.

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