May 25, 2019

What Kind of Kid Are You?

I used to love roller skating when I was a kid. Spending hours at the skating rink…those were the good ol’ days.

Do you remember when you learned how to roller skate?

A little scary at first, huh?

I’ll never forget the mental picture I received when I was praying one day about a big decision. I was asking the Lord to help me to know His will about something that I had been praying about for months. Slowly, almost like the unveiling of a movie scene, I saw a picture of two kids learning to roller skate.

It was like the Lord was telling me that I could choose which kid I wanted to be.

Option 1: Cautious and Slow

The first kid is practical and truly wants to do things the right way. His mission is to avoid falling at all costs, so he never removes his hand from the cement wall of the skating rink as he slowly shuffles his feet across the smooth wood floor. Sure, he eventually makes it around the rink, but his lack of confidence and risk avoidance delays the joy and exhilaration of zooming around the rink to the beat of the music that’s blaring over the speakers.

In fact, this timid kid who’s learning to skate is probably not even aware of the music that’s playing. He can’t truly experience the people around him and all that God has for him because his focus is on the floor and carefully watching his feet shuffle in order to avoid falling.

Option 2: Bold But Not Beautiful

On the flip side, there are a few kids who forge right ahead when they’re learning to roller skate. Have you seen them? They are clumsy and ungraceful, and they usually go full-speed ahead while flailing their arms to the side to keep their balance. These kids have a glint of determination in their eyes and a smile of pure joy on their face.

This adventurous type makes her way around the rink faster than the first kid, but she falls periodically. She may even scuff her knee and suffer a bit of embarrassment. She doesn’t care though. She remembers that God has not given her a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and a sound mind (2 Tim 1:7). She also knows that her ability to get up after a setback comes from Christ who strengthens her (Phil 4:13). After all, she’s more than a conqueror and no weapon formed against her can prosper (Isa 54:17).

So, as this scene of the two children learning to roller skate unfolded in my mind, I chuckled at the Lord’s sense of humor. He was daring me to dream big and have even bigger faith. As long as I stay in the will of God, He will be there to catch me if I fall and bang my knee. Our God never sleeps nor slumbers (Psa 121:4); He’s always there for us.

As you seek to experience God’s purpose for your life, which kid will you be?

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